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Hey there fellow pet lovers! We've got a super cool new product to add to our florence by mills pet collection - the florence by mills QR Code enabled Dog Tag! This isn't your average dog tag, it's got some seriously cool features that'll make sure your pup stays safe and stylish.


  • Create an account with owner and pet information per tag, displayed by a simple QR code scan.
  • If your fur baby ever goes missing, whoever finds them can scan the tag and get displayed information that can help return your pet to you.
  • Purchase this separately or included with every purchase of a florence by mills apple leather dog collar- just add the collar and the tag to your cart to get this tag free at checkout.

So what are you waiting for? Snag one of these trendy tags and keep your furry friend looking fashionable and safe!  (Please note:  Collar not included)

Composition: 100% Stainless Steel


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Character: Character A

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Indulge your pets in the luxury they deserve with florence by mills pet collection. Ethically sourced and crafted with high-quality materials, our collection ensures your furry friends enjoy unparalleled comfort while looking their adorable best. Love your pet, love the planet!

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Experience the perfect blend of style and comfort for your pets with the florence by mills pet collection. Uniquely designed for your furry friends to feel loved, pampered, and fashionable!

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